to soften

the belt

Hi. It’s Pete Wildman here.

You are reading this because I would love to invite you to soften the belt with me. I am inviting you to share your belt with me as an act of trust. I trust you and I would love to sit with you and others and talk about that.

My story of the belt that has lead me here

A big part of this softening of the belt comes from the belt as an object that holds memories of domestic violence for me. Getting the belt from my father was a moment filled with fear and anger for my younger self. As I have grown and healed from these experiences I have learnt to trust male presenting people in a way that has lead me to want to explore this through art.

Stories of your belts

I am looking forward to exploring the stories of your belts. This act of sharing stories could be an act of softening in itself. I am curious to learn about all the things that lead to you getting your belt. Your belt habits. How do you even buy a belt?

An exhibition

I am hoping to have an exhibition as a way to share some of these stories to the broader community. Showing our belts in different ways would be the idea, embroidering a quote or making a strange kinetic sculptural extravaganza - who knows, the stories are the guides.

I would be open to all forms of belt giving - photo, lend but no embellishments or transforming your belt into something else.

Gathering together or something on the side

I'd love to hear back from you either way. Let's chat and see if there is something we can do together.

In kindness,